Caribfest apparel designs on basic white and grey cotton shirt. Colourful and playful typography that compliment the energy of the event itself.
Downey Farms Organic Potatoes apparel design feature their logo and tagline on a simple white shirt.
T-shirt design for The O.C.C. (Ontario Curling Club). Be proud of your brand and wear it!
Grand Spirits Distillery shirts feature their unique product (Valley Starshine Moonshine and English Garden Gin) logos on simple apparel.
Grand Valley Distillery Apparel design featured in their Headwaters distillery store.
Grand Valley Gold and Adventure Rum by Grand Spirits Distillery cotton t-shirts.
Medieval Fest T-shirt features a clever illustration: a knight asking his pet dragon to sit.
Real, raw and renovated apparel design in unique and clever packaging: a meat package.
Star wars C3P0 and R2D2 karaoke shirt design
T shirt design for Downey Farms ‘24 Potatoes

We’re Not a T-Shirt Company

But they’re fun to design

Expanding your brand to live on a t-shirt is always a great extension of your marketing communications. Whether it’s for an event or a gift, customers and clients always love a well-designed graphic tee.

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