Cover for Evergreen. Building the cities of the future. Features Canadian cities.
Booklet design for Evergreen by Touchwood Design in Headwaters, Ontario, Canada.
Spread for Evergreen with a lesbian couple walking within Toronto in the Spring
Spread for Evergreen. Minimal design with image of Canadian city.
Accompass cover page of magazine. Hands with line texture and red compliments.
Accompass spread with infographs and statistics that brings attention to health benefits and occuring trends.
Spread for Accompass that provides a case study on employee behaviour. The design is minimal and airy, with legible type.
Covers for HIPPY Canada with flat art design that is inclusive to their brand.
Cover design for Mastercard foundation by Touchwood Design located in Orangeville. This is the booklet for The Digital Opportunity Trust Internship Program.
The Mastercard Foundation intro spread features an picture of a young African Canadian woman who will benefit from the internship program.
Infograph and typography spread by Orangeville, Ontario graphic design firm Touchwood Design.
Covers for Sensability. Toolkits for Life After School. For educators, employers and students.
Cover for Comapny B includes minimalistic Illustration and a heading that says Knowledge is power.
We need to work together. Minimal design with gradients and pops of colour.
Spread for Company B. Space that makes the design open and airy, with unique illustrations.
Clean design for Company B magazine that features unique illustrations.
Cover of Pigeon Book: Have bread will travel. How brands transcend culture.
Gold foil illustration of a pigeon for hardcover of Pigeon book.
Wheat field introduction spread of Pigeon book. Simplistic and minimal design with powerful imagery.
Image of rolled out dough for the design of the table of contents for book design.
Strong typography highlighting a bakery in Turkey. A baker proudly shows off his bread of the day for this photograph.
Truth spread. Clean, structured type pairs well for this intimate photograph.
Bringing in the wheat for the bread. It takes 9 seconds for a combine to harvest enough wheat for 70 loaves of bread.
Design of a spread that features beautiful vintage photograph and a handshake illustration.
Travel spread that features a hot air balloon within the minimalistic design.

Who Said, Print’s dead?

Corporate Brochures / Annual Reports & Publications

One of the things we enjoy most is sinking our teeth into long copy documents. There’s a sense of control over the viewer that can only be obtained in a long copy format. Annual reports, corporate brochures, guides, Catalogue—bring it. Here’s a cross section of some of the pieces.

Project Scope:
Art Direction