Package and label design for Grand Spirits Distillery Authentic Cornshine Co-operative. The Grand Valley spirits include a old-style label, wax seal and painted bottle.
Package and label design for Grand Spirits Distillery English Garden Gin. Includes a small and big size for the Headwaters gin. Serve up with tonic water and a lemon.
Bottle and label design for Grand Valley’s Distillery Starshine Moonshine. Vintage style letter pressed labels, with script and type with an antique feel.
Bottle and sticker custom labels for Dufferin region. Features vintage old school design, with boot-leg type and sketches.
Grand Valley Gold label design for small and large bottles. Antique labels.
Collection of spirits by Grand Valley. Design vintage labels and painted bottle design.
Spirits collection by Grand Valley Distillery including Forbidden Absinthe, English Garden Gin and School Spirit Vodka. Labels designed with vintage aesthetic.
Valley Starshine Moonshine by Grand Valley Distillery. Antique aesthetic with classic labels and illustrations.
Simplistic layout for back of moonshine bottle by Headwaters distillery.

Hidden in the Valley

Grand Spirits Distillery / Packaging

Introducing Grand Spirits, Ontario’s newest creator of personally-crafted whiskies and gins, speakeasy-inspired events, and the Grand Spirits Distillery, which in 2017 reignited Grand Valley’s prohibition-era infamy as Ontario’s wildest, wettest town. The distillery is the first purveyor of gins & whiskies to fire up their still from the region in over a 100 years. 

We were tasked with creating a brand from the bottle up. At the time, all that existed was an abandoned school house and a hand drawn logo. Taking inspiration from the regions infamous past, we created a brand that was secretive, speakeasy-inspired and folksy with a no-nonsense bootleg vibe. Elegantly engraved labels were created and the bottles were painted and wax sealed to give each product its own unique look while staying true to its new bootleg family.

Project Scope: 
Art Direction