Grand Valley Distillery features local grains, organic produce, Ontario craft beers, wines, locally raised artisan chicken and Highland beef on their menu.
Grand Valley, Ontario serving up quality raised beef, chicken and organic produce. Enjoy fine dining with our spirits, craft brewery and wines.
Grand Valley produces small batch whiskey, gin and spirits. As well as organic and locally raised chicken, beef and produce.

Secretly at the School House

Grand Spirits Distillery / Advertising

Way off the beaten path, sits an artfully-reborn 1892 schoolhouse that is the home of Grand Spirits Distillery, where handcrafted, small batch whiskies, gins and spirits are sold and served. 

Sometimes a discovery is so incredible, you want to keep it all to yourself. That was the driving concept behind the work we created. The tone of the campaign was adventurous, secretive and by-invitation only. 

The visuals were embellished and the messaging teased what was waiting for you just an hour north of Toronto. As the copy says ‘you’ll want to tell absolutely no one about what you’ve found’.

Project Scope:
Advertising Print & Digital
Art Direction