Cover of Canada’s Greenbelt 10 year report looking over green Ontario farm land in the summer.
Spread of Ontario’s Greenbelt. Capturing Canadian summer activities.
Farms feed cities design spread. Capturing the importance farmers bring to our lives.
Farmer overlooking his successful crop under a blue sky on the cover on the 2010-2011 Greenbelt Annual Report
Tractor bringing in the farm crops under a blue summer sky.
Waterfall spread in autumn for greenbelt annual.
Annual report 2009-2010 cover for Ontario’s greenbelt.
Annual report 2009-2010 covers Ontario’s Greenbelt and the grotto of Bruce Peninsula. People adventuring down to visit the caves.
Winter spread and graph in the 2009-2010 Canada’s Greenbelt annual report.
Greenbelt Foundation Annual report 2011-2012 cover features the friends of the greenbelt, highlighting on the agriculture and produce of Ontario.
Farmers planting their crops in an Ontario farm, contributing to the economic landscape of Canada.
Infograph for Greenbelt annual report. Featuring how farming contributes economically.
Cover for the 2012/2013 Greenbelt Foundation annual report featuring little girls speaking out about how the greenbelt is important to them.
Greenbelt foundation index. Hiking within the greenbelt.
Farming within Ontario as a family. Overlook on the top ten stories and events of the past year.
Woman canoeing and taking photos in lake in Canada’s Greenbelt.
A message from Greenbelt Foundation’s CEO showing how it is a model that works and featuring successes.
Featuring successes of the past year both econimically and environmentally. Greenbelt strives to improve the livelihood of those within it and around.
Group walks up stairs to spot an Ontario waterfall and photograph it on the cover of Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.
A word from the CEO highlights the growth and successes of the Greenbelt foundation over 2014-1015, showing highlights of our beautiful greenbelt region.
Showing investments and financials. Where the money goes when you become an investor for the greenbelt foundation. Infographic spread.

Keeping the Possibilities Growing.

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation / Annual Reports

The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation is a not-for-profit created to support community activities that preserve the environmental and agricultural integrity of the countryside.

For over ten years, Touchwood has been a key communications partner of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, helping them advocate for farmers, local economies, and environmental protection.

From public awareness campaigns, to annual reports, brochures and hard-working promotional materials, Touchwood has helped the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation become one of the government’s most popular and successful environmental initiatives.

Project Scope:
Art Direction
Annual Reports
Advertising Print and Digital
Trade Show Marketing