Cover design for “Acres of Possibility”. A book that focuses on the people and prosperity of Ontario’s Greenbelt.
Large typography on a green background for Ontario’s Greenbelt.
Index for “Acres of Possibility”, featuring the people of Ontario’s Greenbelt.
Large green farmland within Ontario, Canada. A foreward for Ontario’s Greenbelt.
Photography of Ontario’s Greenbelt, home of the Badlands in Caledon.
Tourism within Ontario’s Greenbelt. The greenbelt is home to many beaches, trails and sightseeing.
Wineries and things to do in Ontario’s Greenbelt. Nature photography of a farm in Ontario.
Photography of the Bruce Peninsula, a beautiful national park within Canada Ontario Greenbelt and home of the grotto as well as Tobermory.
An article on Protecting The Moraine, which pays attention to protecting the Ontario Greenbelt.
Infograph and layout of a summary of findings within research of the Ontario Greenbelt.
Acting as a family within Ontario’s Greenbelt and how to protect it as a community.

Acres of Possibility

Friends of the Greenbelt / Book

Stretching from the Niagara Peninsula to Tobermory - with farmland, forests, and watersheds - the Greenbelt is a permanently protected living, breathing organism of green space, farmland, forests, wetlands, and watersheds.

We were asked to design a book that celebrated not only the physical land, but the people who live in the Greenbelt—artists, farmers, entrepreneurs, cyclists, mountain climbers, and so many others who have been enriched by what makes the Greenbelt quintessentially Canadian. 

Like the Greenbelt, the book has vast open spaces with large colourful imagery and dense areas filled with informative interviews, research and anecdotes. The design is clean and layered with just the right amount of information, statistics and call-outs to engage the reader and not overwhelm them.

Project Scope:
Art Direction
Publication Design