A cover for a book that highlights the makers and creators of Headwaters, Ontario.
Book design for makers for Headwaters. Including bakers, fishers, fiddlers, farriers and farmers of Ontario. Highlights artists and makers 45 minutes north of Toronto in Erin, Caledon, Dufferin County, Mono and Shelburne.
Feature on John-Paul Adamo of Adamo wine in Hockley Valley. Wine that is locally produced within Headwaters by people who care.
Feature on Greg Holmes, a Headwaters based musician who plays guitar, five-string banjo, fiddle, piano, drums and more! He is a familiar face within the Headwaters music scene including Fiddlefest.
Feature on Larry Kurtz, a harp musician and woodworker. Larry put on a free blues concert in Headwaters. He plays an active part in the music scene and is the founder of Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival.
Feature on The McArthurs; a family of farmers and bakers. They are owners and founders of the Heatherlea Farm Market in Caledon, Ontario.
Feature on Rebecca Landman, a farmer and baker within Grand Valley. Rebecca is the owner of Landman Gardens & Bakery and raises up her own farm.
Feature on David Arrigo; an artist and builder. David Arrigo is the owner of David Arrigo Art in Hockley Valley. He is a sought-after artist and muralist whose designs have been seen in the NHL, race cars and more.

Profiles of Headwaters

Headwaters Tourism / Handout

We are pie bakers, fly fishers, stone wallers; fiddlers, farriers and farmers; keepers of relics and tellers of stories; artists of the potter’s wheel, the canvas, the horseshoe, the soil and the plate.

Just north of Toronto rest the communities of Erin, Caledon, Dufferin County, Mono and Shelburne. They make-up a little-know region called Headwaters. The Headwaters Tourism Association, having enjoyed working with us on past projects approached us for some ideas on how we could thank their partners and contributors for all their hard work.

We created a mini profile piece that celebrated some of the women and men who live and work in the 2,534-square-kilometre quilt of genuine Ontario country.

This little booklet featured mix of makers & preservers whose ways and wisdom ensure that Headwaters remains ‘where Ontario gets real’. It featured personal points of view on why this area is so special to them and why they choose to make it home. Full length interviews were made available on the Headwaters site.

Project Scope: 
Brochure Design
Art Direction