Headwaters Tourism poster featuring some of it’s markers, artists and farmers. These astounding people call Erin, Caledon, Shelburne, Dufferin and Mono their home!
Headwaters Tourism poster showcasing the people of their region. This includes top athletes, artists, musicians, educators and chefs.
Rules of Headwaters. Headwaters is a rural area with character. In Headwaters we say yes instead of yep.
A typographic poster featuring the best sights to see in Headwaters. Including Forks of the Credit, Heart Lake Conversation Area, Hockley Vallery Provincial Nature Preserve, Monora Park and more! Great hiking spots.
A large map of the big region of Headwaters. Erin, Caledon, Shelburne, Dufferin and Mono all call Headwaters home!

Poster Child

Headwaters Tourism / Posters 2014-18

As each new year approached, a new Headwaters guide launch poster was developed and made available to the public. Some were informational, some were directional and some were inspirational...but all had that sense of Headwaters realness.

Project Scope:
Art Direction