Cover of the 2017 Headwaters Visitors guide features a local musician rocking out.
Less than an hour from this city and you’re adventuring in Headwaters. An illustrated map of the towns within Headwaters, Ontario.
An illustrated history of Headwaters. From the 1600s to the 1800s, Caledon has always had rural roots.
Spread featuring a pig farmer and products of nature.
Headwaters prides itself on home grown eats. Restaurants looking for locally based foods – meats, produce and grains.
A list of farmers markets within Headwaters gives readers an inside look into where they can purchase local foods and products.
Events within Headwaters featuring art, music and festivals.
Headwaters is Equestrian Country. Find the painted horses within Caledon on this map. Horses painted for Pan Am games.
A cover for a book that highlights the makers and creators of Headwaters, Ontario.
Index of Headwater’s 2016 Visitors guide. The magazine shows the sights to see, events and places to dine within the Headwaters’ region.
Just 40 minutes north of Toronto, this illustrated map shows visitors what there is to do in rural Ontario in your day trip.
Main streets of the towns within headwaters: Erin, Cheltenham, Alton, Grand Valley, Shelburne, Mono Centre, Orangeville and Caledon East!
Biking, snowshoeing, hiking – there is so much to do within the great outdoors of Headwaters, Canada. This colourful editorial layout shows you the ins and outs of adventure within the Ontario region.
Products that will make your experience in Headwaters even better. Snow shoes, bow and arrows – making winter and summer in Ontario the ultimate adventure.
Great food within Caledon. Have the perfect day out with wine, cheese and freshly backed food in Headwaters.
Headwaters is equestrian country! Visit showjumping and western farms alike. Attend the rodeo within Headwaters!
Cover of the 2015 Headwaters Visitors Guide featuring a female chef and restaurant owner.
There’s plenty of things to do as an active person in Headwaters! Fish at one of the many lakes, hike, curl, and cycle to your hearts content.
Headwaters, Ontario is home to great fine dining and organic, artisan foods. Go apple picking, try out the cideries, have a wine and cheese date.

52 Mins. to Being Totally Alone

Headwaters Tourism / Visitors’ Guide

True to the motto of “keeping it real”, the flagship visitor’s guide to Headwaters was created exclusively with local talent.

With so much valuable information to communicate, we knew the best way for people to get to know Headwaters, was with fun, easy to read profiles and local insights.

Simple black & white photography added to our new reader-friendly approach.

Our guides went on to win several industry publication awards and set the bar for rural tourism marketing. Featured here are some highlights spanning four years of visitors’ guides.

Scope included:
Editorial Design
Publication Design