Cover of a brochure for Hippy Canada featuring an illustration of a girl and a woman.
Index of Hippy Canada. Celebrating their ten year anniversary this spread features hand drawn type, primary colours and a sketch of a young girl reaching for her dreams.
A spread featuring devoted parents. Hippy encourages education and learning from parent to youth.
Design and illustration of a mother with her son. This spread highlights the home visitors that assist parents to teach their children skills and knowledge.
A drawing of a young boy holding a soccer ball. HIPPY Canada lifts the spirits of their young by helping them gain new skills and improve their confidence.
HIPPY celebrates ten years from 1999-2009. This eye-catching chart highlights all their achievements through the years. Featuring an illustration of school friends.
HIPPY encourages creativity and knowledge within their organization. They help connect mothers with their children by showing that skills and learning are important.

10 and Still Growing

HIPPY Canada / Anniversary Brochure

Home Instruction Program for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) now renamed as The Mothers Matter Centre is a not-for-profit dedicated to serving socially isolated and low economic status mothers and their families. They work with isolated mothers where they live – at home – connecting them with other mothers in their communities who share an understanding of the issues and challenges they face.

We had created several annual reports and communications pieces for them over the years and this time around we were asked to create a booklet that celebrated 10 years of their impactful work.

A key element of our design story was to showcase these mothers and their children using an illustration style that depicted them in loving family situations - this helped communicate the success of the program and the progress that these mothers are making as parents.

Project Scope: 
Art Direction
Brochure Design