Poster for Medieval Fest at Jack Taylor Park in Hillier. Illustrated knight and pet dragon. Experience sword battles, music, costumes, face painting, a feast, and a market at the festival in August.
Poster design for Equus Film Festival in July 2018. Features collage art with a horse and a film camera.
Medieval Festival Poster design by Touchwood Design Inc. Featuring vintage fonts with illustrated features.
Orangeville Annual Rodeo Poster design featuring a man riding a bull.
Goodwill poster design with blue background, flat designed quirky mascots dressed in sports athletic gear.
Beachburg Fair 160th Annual rodeo poster design featuring a man riding a bucking bronco.

Word on the Street

Community Events / Posters

Posters are a great way to inform the public. When time allows we like to support local community events. This can range from of being on site as a volunteer or helping develop marketing materials—usually this includes a poster or two which we happily execute.

Scope Included:
Art Direction