Touchwood Design Candle packaging paper tube. Thinking that goes against the grain.
Carefully package glass candle.
Client promotional gift for the holiday season. The Touchwood candle invokes creativity and the will to keep going.
Alleged Lucky creativity-invoking voodoo candle featuring illustrations for project planning, signage, publications, fast services and more.
Award winning designer Touchwood Design gifts a candle this Christmas that gives the gift of photography, copywriting and more creative services.

Feeling Lucky

Touchwood Design / Holiday Gift

Our clients work in a world of unavoidable, last minute assignments, whirlwind turnarounds and drop-everything deadlines. And Touchwood Design has been there to help them survive it all.

In gratitude for the work our clients entrusted to us, each holiday season we present them with an original gift that speaks to our personality. It’s proven to be a great way to build client relationships.

The holidays can be a pretty hectic time and we knew that we couldn’t be available for everyone. All we could do was wish them luck – in the form of Touchwood’s Lucky Creativity-Invoking vintage voodoo style candle. By simply lighting the wick, the powers of innovation and imagination will be drawn to their project. And, should they need some proven design magicians to help complete the spell, they can give us a call.

Project Scope:
Art Direction
Package Design