Touchwood Design promotional gift. A blow-up finger and custom packaging.
Packaging for Touchwood Design inflatable finger. Brown Potato bags with silk screened illustration and type.
Close up of potato bag packaging. Touchwood owes their success to great clients and pay ode to them with this self promo.
Bag and red and green inflatable fingers is just one of the unique gifts that Touchwood Design has given during the holiday season.
Touchwood Design believes that their customers are the best and deserve to shout it from the rooftops with this blow up finger!

This 1’s for You

Touchwood Design / Holiday Gift

It’s been a long standing tradition at Touchwood to give our clients a fun gift each year. A unique thank you to let them know how much we appreciate their support and business. This time around, we wanted to be as direct and as clear as possible: Touchwood clients are the best.

Project Scope:
Art Direction
Package Design