Logo design for Headwaters Tourism in Ontario, Canada features a geometric design that pays a nod to the rolling hills, farmland and rural landscape of the region. Simple but effective brand identity.
Brand Identity for Inspirit Foundation who support young people in creating a more inclusive Canada. A colourful logo, representing people of all types. Makes for a clean and inspired logo.
Hello Neighbour logo. An eatery where people can come to converse with others, A friendly logo, outlining a cutting board and with inviting type.
Branding for indspire. An organization that invests in Indigenous people’s future and education. This logo pays homage to native art and colours.
Akwanya is foundation by MasterCard that invests in the success of African youth and their future. Akwanya is a bright and bold logo with reds, yellows and greens,

Right on the Mark


Over the years we’ve worked in several different creative disciplines and have taken particular joy in identity work. The satisfaction comes from entering a project at the base level, and helping to build the brand from the ground up.

Not all the examples here made it into the world. One or two died on the operating table or didn’t make it past a committee, but all are our babies.