Touchwood Design’s Predict-a-Stik cover explains the benefits of the stick and what it can do for you.
Touchwood Design’s Predict-a-Stik makes a decision no fuss for clients. Touchwood helps you to make decisions about your brand, while predict-a-stik aids you in deciding if that potato salad is expired or not.
Back cover of predict-a-stik design, a guide that will help make the ultimate decision for you.


Touchwood Design / Holiday Gift

If there’s one thing our clients and friends can always count on from us, it’s unpredictability. Something that also applies, we hope, to our annual holiday gift.

This year, we trudged long and hard through the deep forests of Northern Ontario, in a splinter-riddled quest to bring them something that, like everything we try to bring, provokes a smile, takes a little stress off their shoulders, and steers them in the best possible direction.

Hopefully their Touchwood Predict-A-Stik will point to only good things in the future.

Project Scope:
Art Direction
Package Design