Assembling Touchwood Design’s wooden airplane to send as a moving announcement to clients.
Touchwood’s model airplane let’s clients know that though their moving from Toronto, they are every bit if not more available in Orangeville.
Touchwood Design’s wood airplane is that same plane we had in childhood. Bringing a hint of nostalgia to our clients, near and far.
Touchwood Design’s plane, helping their clients get from point A to point B.
Touchwood Design’s model plane delivers nostalgia along with a message to their clients.
Plastic packaged wooden planes with a how-to-guide on building your design.
All the collateral for the plane. Touchwood Design keeps in touch with their clients as they move from the big city for a small town feel.

Keep in Touch

Touchwood Design / Moving Announcement

In keeping with our philosophy and the tie-in to our name “Touchwood” we created a moving announcement that was a bit old school and guaranteed to be a keeper. We wanted to stay top of mind and inform our clients that though we moved out of the city and into the country, we were still every bit as available to help as before.

We played with the idea of air mail rather than email and ordered a bunch of plain balsa wood gliders from the same company that made them when we were kids.

We designed and wrote copy to silk screen on the actual plane and its plastic packaging and sent them off on their way. Where they were met with great delight.

Project Scope:
Art Direction
Promotional Marketing