Robot made from various objects
Toaster motorcycle
Robot made from steel rods and wood.
Yeti plaster figurine with package design.
Wooden alien art piece by Shawn Murenbeeld
Custom artwork by Shawn Murenbeeld of Touchwood Design. A firm within Orangeville, Ontario.
Graphic designer at Touchwood Design custom artwork.
Unique artwork by graphic designer in headwaters ontario
Shawn Murenbeeld robot design

Extracurricular Activity

Touchwood Design / DIY Craft Projects

When time allows we like to indulge in personal art projects. Less corporate things that get us away from the computer and help the creative juices flow. Work ranges from; conceptual art, experimental video, whimsical sculptures to toy prototypes and store window displays.

These exercises always bring fresh thinking back to the office and provide us with new ways of looking at things.

Project Scope: